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Ne’iikaanigaana Toolkit

Creating Safer Environments for Indigenous Peoples 

IPHCC has developed the Ne’iikaanigaana Toolkit-Creating Safer Environments for Indigenous Peoples, to support organizations on their journey towards cultural safety.

Ne’iikaanigaana (knee-kah-nih-gih-nah) is an Anishinaabe word generally thought to mean ‘all our relations’, with a more literal meaning of ‘seeing ourselves reflected in creation. We are the pine trees, the flowers, the water, the animals, and they are us.’



This toolkit is designed to support Indigenous organizations with the planning and implementation of community-level COVID-19 vaccination clinics, in collaboration with mainstream organizations such as local public health units, primary care agencies, and/or hospital settings.

We would like to thank Dr. Annelind Wakegjig and Dr. Rebecca Wray for reviewing the Gashkiwidoon toolkit and lending their clinical expertise. Gashkiwidoon (gash-ga-we-toon) is an Ojibway word thought to mean ‘able to take, carry it’.


Our members continue to battle COVID-19 in our communities, and provide the primary care necessary to fight this virus. The IPHCC continues to advocate on behalf of our members for solutions that ensure the well-being of Indigenous peoples, while valuing their unique needs of our members.

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Model of Wholistic
Health & Wellbeing

A Time for Reconciliation


Cultural teachings and traditional practices
vary between nations and regions. All are
recognized and respected. The value systems
represented by this Model of Wholistic
Health and Wellbeing are the common
ones that frame the work of the Indigenous
primary health care organizations toward
healthy communities.

Vision & Mission

Supporting the advancement and evolution of Indigenous primary health care service provisions and planning in Ontario, through partnerships, education and advocacy.

IPHCC Members

A community-based network that promotes support, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy across the Indigenous-governed primary health care sector. 


Advocating on behalf of our members for solutions that ensure the well-being of Indigenous peoples, while valuing their unique needs of our members.

Indigenous Health in Indigenous Hands with Culture as Treatment. 

Supporting the advancement and evolution of Indigenous Primary Health Care service provisions and planning in Ontario