The Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) is an Indigenous-governed and culture-based organization. Its creation is to support the advancement and evolution of Indigenous primary health care service provisions and planning in Ontario, through partnerships, education and advocacy.

IPHCC Vision

A health system where Indigenous people have access to high quality, safe care, and are treated with empathy, dignity and respect.

IPHCC Mission

We enable transformative and decolonizing change within individuals, organizations and systems.

Touchstone Values

  • We honour Indigenous knowledge systems
  • We promote Indigenous Health in Indigenous Hands
  • We respect that Culture is Treatment
  • We create respectful relationships
  • We endorse community-based approaches to healing and wellbeing
  • We value and support staff throughout our network
  • We are open to learn from each other
  • We establish and promote safe spaces
  • We laugh together

Gathering and sharing stories and data about the health status and service gaps for Indigenous people

Identifying and alleviating the barriers that Indigenous people and communities face in regaining good health

Supporting Indigenous people and communities access to resources and networks to provide equitable quality health care

We do this by:


Equipping Council members with the tools, training and networks to provide quality health care.

Gathering and sharing data about the health status and service gaps for Indigenous people in Ontario.

Giving voice to the barriers that Indigenous people and communities face in regaining good health.

Partnering with Indigenous communities and mainstream providers.