Engaging Indigenous Communities with COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation

Follow Jordan's Principle – do not let the patient go without service because of jurisdiction ambiguity. Engage with Indigenous Services Canada – regional lead – to ensure there is an alignment, and not duplication, of services. Be aware of federal, provincial and regional accountability for all Indigenous communities, including but not limited to, on-reserve First Nations, off-reserve rural and remote communities, and urban Indigenous settings. 2 Be aware of jurisdictional alignment and institutional accountability. 1 First Nation/on reserve communities Aboriginal Health Access Centres Indigenous Community Health Centres Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Teams Indigenous and Inuit Family Health Teams Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres Metis Nation of Ontario local chapters Inuit Associations and Affiliated Organizations JURISDICTIONAL ALIGNMENT 4 Conduct an environmental scan to identify Indigenous communities/agencies within institutional catchment area. This includes the following: Your institutional catchment area may not have any of the Indigenous communities/ agencies within it or may have some/all that are listed. It is essential to identify all potential Indigenous organizations within your local area. Catchment areas of Indigenous communities/agencies may not align with your institutional catchment areas. It is essential to take the jurisdictional direction from the local Indigenous communities/agencies. ENVIRONMENT 1 NOTE 1 NOTE 2 1. https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1568396042341/1568396159824 5 The catchment areas align if additional communities/agencies need to be engaged Stage of involvement the Indigenous communities/agencies would like to be engaged The level of involvement the communities/agencies would like: Current capacity/services offered by the communities/agencies: If the community requires support, and if so, what support is needed – be prepared to provide the support The strengths that the Indigenous communities/agencies have and are able to provide the institution in the COVID response, such as: 3 Outreach to identified Indigenous communities/agencies within your catchment area and confirm the following: COMMUNITY OUTREACH Where When How Community Capacity Community Needs Community Strengths It is imperative that you involve the local Indigenous communities/agencies at the onset of putting your COVID Vaccine Planning Table together to ensure they are meaningfully engaged in the planning process. part of planning tables, committees, advisory circles dissemination site for health service delivery (vaccine) providing/receiving staff to support vaccination clinics idea conception planning implementation evaluation Directly if able, or link them to the appropriate resources. If you require support from the community make sure it doesn't burden them. Working with the community should be based on reciprocity. COVID assessment testing site self-isolation capacity food security mental health supports traditional healing/cultural supports Physical space for COVID vaccine clinics Health staff (nurses, physicians, allied health, Traditional Healers, cultural coordinators, navigators, community wellness workers) PPE supply Public Education Communication to community- specific health providers Support with prioritization of vaccine dissemination based on risk stratification