Train-the-Trainer Approaches for Staff Delivering Cultural Safety Workshops

We enable transformative and decolonizing change within individuals, organizations and systems. IPHCC MISSION IPHCC INDIGENOUS CULTURAL SAFETY Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) is the process of making spaces, services, and organizations more equitable for Indigenous people by having individual health care providers and health care organizations reflect on themselves and the "potential impact of their own biases, attitudes, assumptions, stereotypes, structures and characteristics on interactions and health care delivery." 2 We honour Indigenous knowledge systems We promote Indigenous Health in Indigenous Hands We respect that Culture is Treatment We create respectful relationships We endorse community-based approaches to healing and wellbeing We value and support staff throughout our network We are open to learn from each other We establish and promote safe spaces We laugh together IPHCC TOUCHSTONE VALUES IPHCC VISION A health system where Indigenous people have access to high quality, safe care, and are treated with empathy, dignity and respect. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP The Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) is a new Indigenous-governed culture-based and Indigenous-informed organization. Its key mandate is to support the advancement and evolution of Indigenous primary health care services provision and planning throughout Ontario. Membership currently includes Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHAC), Aboriginal governed Community Health Centres (ACHC), other Indigenous governed providers and partnering Indigenous health researchers and scholars. 1 3 4 Indigenous Cultural Safety And Why Is It Important? 4 What Is Train-The-Trainer And How Does It Work? 5 Delivering Cultural SafetyWorkshops 6 Wise Practices 6 Cultural Safety Resources 7 Train-The-Trainer Resources 7 Workshop Resources 8 Wise Practices 8 Cultural Safety Resources 9 Train-The-Trainer Resources 9 Workshop Resources 10 Wise Practices 10 Cultural Safety Resources 11 Train-The-Trainer Resources 11 Workshop Resources 4 A - HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE 6 B - BEFORE THE WORKSHOP 8 C - DURING THE WORKSHOP 10 D - AFTER THE WORKSHOP 12/13 E - SUMMARY OF WISE PRACTICES 14/15 REFERENCES TABLE OF CONTENTS