Gashkiwindoon Toolkit

22 Does your space allow for different areas for registration, waiting, vaccination and recovery? Does your space allow for one way direction of traf c ow? If no, what can be done to maintain public health measures? Refer to the sample Clinic Setup and Flow provided by Health Canada (Appendix F) Do you have the needed clinic supplies? COMPRISE BLUEPRINT FOR CLINIC SETUP AND FLOW, DETERMINE WHAT CLINIC SUPPLIES ARE NEEDED Clinic Readiness STAGE SIX Having designated lines for families and those needing assistance Using megaphones or number displays to call on clients Including child-friendly and culturally appropriate spaces (with privacy screens) ENTRANCE CONSIDER: SECURITY CHECK POINT GREETING AND SCREENING CONSENT AND REGISTRATION ASSESSMENT AND VACCINATION ASSESSMENT AND VACCINATION ASSESSMENT AND VACCINATION PRE-VACCINE WAITING AREA FIRST AID DATA COLLECTION VACCINE SUPPLY AND MONITORING PRIVACY DIVIDER PRIVACY DIVIDER POST-VACCINE OBSERVATION AREA NOT ELIGIBLE NOT ELIGIBLE ELIGIBLE EXIT Set up chairs with space for wheelchair / stroller access Seating setup should allow a clear view of waiting clients Set up quiet activities (games, movies, etc.) to encourage clients to stay 25-20 mins EXIT Immunization Clinic and Flow 23 ARRANGE FOR PHYSICAL SECURITY INSTATE A PRE-IMMUNIZATION PROCESS Clinic Readiness STAGE SEVEN Clinic Readiness STAGE EIGHT Has a safe and secure site for storage of the vaccine been identi ed? Has 24/7 security of vaccine storage area been arranged? Have you put processes in place to ensure storage areas are limited to authorized personnel only? Do you have the appropriate storage units for the vaccine? Do you have a process in place where both Dose 1 and Dose 2 appointments are booked simultaneously through non-contact methods (i.e. over the phone, through email, or electronic registry process)? Did your nursing team complete the eligibility, contraindication, and precaution screening prior to scheduling the vaccine appointment? If contraindications and precautions were identi ed, do you have written direction from a health care provider to proceed with the vaccination? Do you have a documentation process in place for health care providers giving them direction on how to proceed with vaccination? Do you have a screening template the administrative staff is using to pre- screen when booking appointments? Do you have a documentation process in place to track COVID-19 screening results? Consider how you will deal with the storage requirements for both Pfizer and Moderna